The water shipping problem

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A major percentage of any Personal-care/Home-care products is “Aqua” or “Water”. Till date, most of the products developed and innovated in this segment have missed out on innovating to add water at the consumption stage of the product lifecycle.

The most logical innovation had to be adding water at the last stage to ensure logistical efficiencies. MNCs with Bns of $$ in R&D budgets for decades, only recently figuring out the concentrate formats is a real tough fact to digest. We were kind of shocked when we built our first SKU that it took them so much time to figure this out.

The past way of doing things (Regular liquid cleaners):

MNCs used:

-Bottle/Pouch for transporting the product.

-Heavy and bulky outer cartons as secondary packaging.

-End up charging you for this.

The pouches/sachets usually end up at landfills as there is little incentive to segregate and pick them up. The bottles they ship you every-time only adds to more resources being consumed.


-End up buying water that you din’t need (you had that at home)

-End up paying more for the product

-End up paying more for shipping

-End up with bad Carbon-Karma debited to your Next generation

Climate fixing happens when people get involved. If we don’t change to more logical options available in products we consume, or things that we interact with, on a daily basis, the next generation may end up paying for our reckless lifestyle.

If bottles were re-usable multiple times we can save a lot of resources by opting for refill options. In refill options too, if have products that allow consumers to add water at home and opt-in for less frequent deliveries by making compact products that are easy to stack and store in one go, we could eliminate a lot of inefficiencies in the current system.

Small incremental steps to better our daily habits lead to massive long-term impact.

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