Smart Products to solve the plastic problem

Posted by Veenu Mehta on

We are pretty practical about the way we want Klyntra to be a responsible company.

Climate fixing happens when people get involved. We can’t fix climate if we don’t change to more logical options available in products we consume or things that we interact with, on a daily basis!

Small incremental steps lead to massive changes. Of course, you need to map the impact to understand this (which is why we opted for The Better Carbon protocol)

Why buy bottles when you could use refills in most of the existing bottles you may have used earlier.

Our calculations and thesis is based on a simple calculation that most could agree on-

By opting for any tablet concentrate form of homecare products, you eliminate the usage of single use plastics in the form of plastic bottles/plastic refill pouches by more than 85% [Assuming one dispenser is required a year. We actually think a well-made single bottle should last years if not less]

That’s significant considering that an average household consumes a bottle/refill pouch a month of essentials like handwash, floor cleaner, toilet cleaner, glass cleaner etc.

Simplistic calculation would be savings of 33g per bottle x 4 SKUs/month x 12 months=1584g of Plastic equivalent to at least 742g of carbon annually.

If most households do this we could save billions of bottles/refill pouches from entering circulation

If we focus on this we may not need to spend to fix issues of these ending up at landfills/oceans

Prevention is better than cure.

Our cute tablets slide into most bottle neck sizes. In case they don’t, simply break the tablet into two/three and use it, it hardly takes time and saves 33gms of plastic per use, and logically is the right thing to do.


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