Foaming Handwash

Going sustainable daily was never this easy. Fill 150ml water in your foaming bottle, add a Klyntra Foaming Handwash Tablet & enjoy a guilt-free natural moisturizing handwash with natural germ protection.

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At Klyntra, we are passionate about 2 things:

1. Making responsible product choices easier - Globally!

2. Be really good at point no. 1

How we do it:


Klyntra uses some of the World’s best ingredients in its product-suite. They confirm to being non -toxic and environment friendly, with all our ingredients being kids and pet safe. All our suppliers are aligned with our mission of being a responsible cruelty free sustainable brand. We do not use SLS/SLES in any of our products and all our products are free from Parabens and other known toxins.

We make it our mission to create safe and healthy products that are accessible to everyone and that have been made to make you look, feel and live better!

Manufacturing Process

All Klyntra products are made at our state of the art manufacturing plants in India. Klyntra values diversity and we are happy that we have a majority of women workforce leading and running Klyntra. Our combined manufacturing capacities & distribution abilities make us one of India’s leading brands in the segments we operate in.


We are a Made In India products company, scaling sustainable products for the world!

Reusable and Sustainable Refill Tubes

We don’t like sachets/pouches because they are the biggest landfill culprits. We try to minimize the use of sachets & pouches for our brand packaging for the same reason. Our responsibly designed tablet tubes are made of recycled plastics and re-usable multiple times besides being 100% recyclable. Our functional dessicant caps are made of LDPE material which is 100% recyclable too. As a responsible brand, we pick our refill tubes when you have collected 20 of them ensuring re-usability & responsible recycling making Klyntra one of the first circular brands in the country. We don’t greenwash with our plastic thesis, we just like to be responsible and factual.

Reusable Dispensing Bottles

Our reusable dispensing bottles and pumps are designed sturdy and innovated to ensure that you can keep refilling for a real long time. We also recommend buying our functional bottles only if you don’t have an existing bottle(especially foaming).If you have an existing foaming bottle you can easily use our refill tablets and start going green daily, starting today. If the tablet doesn’t slide into your existing bottle simply break it into 2 & add it to your existing bottle. A small inconvenience, but congrats since you just went greener!

Outer Packaging

We go the extra step by trying to make our outer packaging functional and adding to the ease of use of the product.Our packaging cartons are made with recycled Kraft paper sealed with sturdy paper tapes that are recyclable without the need of separating them from the box.Plastic tapes need to be first separated before the packing cartons are sent in for recycling!


Guilt-free green lifestyle begins here!

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