How are we destroying our Oceans & Land with single use plastic packaging irresponsibly

Posted by Veenu Mehta on

Oceans are the life-support systems of the earth, holding 97% of the world's water. They help manage our climate and absorb CO2, in addition to maintaining our ecosystem and marine life. However, our pollution of the oceans is causing irreversible damage to marine life and our ecosystem.

Our lifestyle and product choices have a significant impact on the eco-system. Plastics are one of the biggest pollutants to the eco-system. Multi-lined plastics are challenging to separate, and they don't break down easily. Recycling these plastics is more difficult, and they generally end up in landfills and oceans as a result.

There are 1,000 rivers responsible for 80% of global annual riverine plastic emissions into the ocean which are estimated at between 0.8 and 2.7 million tonnes per year, with small urban rivers being among the most polluting.”- (Source-UNEP)

Every choice we make today has an impact on our future!

Minimizing our lifestyle footprints is one of the best ways in which each of us could contribute to bettering the system. Consciously opting for refill options, carrying re-usable bags and refill containers can help us minimize single-use plastic consumption and prevents pollutants from destroying our planet.


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