Making a responsible choice is impactful.

Let's Quantify!

klyntra handwash

Plastic Saved

klyntra handwash

Paper Saved

klyntra handwash

Fuel Saved

Wait! There is more to it...


We are on a mission to build a Clean & Green Future by making responsible product choices easier! We avoid “Sachets” as we genuinely do not want our product packaging to be part of ever-increasing landfill and ocean plastic parts. Our compact packaging helps reduce Plastic and Paper consumption & also brings in fuel efficiencies.

Let’s take this a step ahead.

Klyntra aims to be one of the 1st Circular brands in the country to implement a practical and economically viable “Re-use before Recycle” program. We would collect “10 Klyntra tubes” from you, when you have collected them, sanitize them & try to re-use them multiple times before sending them for responsible recycling.

A little more...

We also vision using the “Proof of Green” blockchain technology to quantify this impact and pass this to users as their responsible lifestyle footprint redemption credits.