Recycled Self Dispensing Kitchen Paper Towel - 300 Pulls, 1 Ply

Recycled Self Dispensing Kitchen Paper Towel - 300 Pulls, 1 Ply

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Product Features

Worlds first self dispensing Kitchen Towel.

Go Green! These Kitchen Towels are made from FDA certified recycled paper which is free from Chlorine, Soft, Absorbent, Dissolving and Hygienic. Made in India. Made for a sustainable future.

  • Self dispensing Kitchen Towel can easily replace Kitchen Roll
  • Hygenic as only one paper comes out at a time
  • Eco-friendly premium quality 100% recycled paper Kitchen Roll
  • FDA certified raw material
  • Elemental chorine free
  • Soft & absorbent
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Biodegradable
  • Free from optical brightening agents
  • Responsible choice – 100% recycled paper helps save trees
  • No plastic packaging used and outer packaging and core are recyclable
  • Biodegradable paper


What’s included in your box

Each box contains 300 Pulls 



  • Paper Type: premium quality environment-friendly recycled paper
  • Pull Size: 21 cms x 23 cms, 1 Ply
  • No of Pulls: 300 Pulls/Box
  • Net Quantity: 300 Pulls/Box
  • Embossed: Yes
  • Unit: Per box
  • Purpose: Kitchen Towel
  • Softness: soft & absorbent
  • Color: White. The color is not pure white since it is recycled paper, but it is worth it when you save trees and the environment.


  • ZERO plastic product
  • Kitchen outer box are recyclable.
  • Made using eco-friendly 100% recycled paper
  • Kitchen roll paper is biodegradable

Main Use & Storage

  • Used mainly in Kitchen to soak oil from fried items, to pack food or to clean kitchen surfaces or wipe hands etc. It has multiple uses.
  • Mainly used in Kitchen

Kitchen Towels are directly packed in a self-dispensing corrugated box to minimize the use of plastic. Store in cool and dry place away from water and moisture.